Aaron Elton, Founder and Managing Partner

Over the last 8 years Aaron has dedicated himself to studying Permaculture design which has provided him with the tools and knowledge to prove that we can reforest the world, replenish the soils, and re-educate people very quickly to live sustainable lifestyles and practice sustainable agriculture. He has developed his own style of education and teaching which he calls “Culturally Relevant Education” and utilizes his success in proving the solutions to spark passion and lasting change in attitude within his students, helping them to become examples within their own communities.

His work inspired East Africa’s Largest steel corporation ‘Roofings Group’ to sponsor the development of a school called “The Roofings Forever Forestry Guild” which Aaron personally manages, teaching university students, church groups, orphanage managers, and the general public how to become truly sustainable advocates and practitioners within their respective roles in society while also enabling knowledge sharing and networking opportunities to its members.

In 2013, Aaron was provided the opportunity to undertake a sustainable orphanage program, supported by the “Lift The Children Foundation” in Canada. The objectives of the program were to help orphanages become self-feeding and self-funding. This program was the culmination of his realization that “Orphans are Africa’s Greatest Resource.” Claiming that with the right education and job opportunities, orphaned young adults can renew the agriculture sectors in Africa and do it the right way. The program is now entering it’s 3rd year of operation; is highly successful and continues to be supported by Lift the Children and they are now funding a new facility which to be constructed in 2016; the first of its kind in the region: “The School of Sustainable Orphanage Management.” This facility will continually train groups of orphanage managers from around Africa to gain their certificates in Permaculture design, and apply this knowledge to the dynamic issues facing their Orphanages.

He has also created his first farming company, ‘Priceless Farms’ with private investors and purchased a 100 acre parcel of farmland on the banks of the Nile River where this prototype farm will provide an example of how sustainable agriculture can be highly lucrative for investors while at the same time lucrative for its employees. The Obuntu project will be developed in this same region.

Oliver Lalani, Co-founder and Manager of Corporate Affairs

Also the Executive Director of Roofings Group, under Mr. Lalahni’s direction, Roofings became the proud sponsor of the “Forestry Forever” project, part of the company’s CSR program developed by Love On Land.

Kim Elton, Business Development

Mr. Elton is a senior marketing and advertising professional with years of experience in multimedia development and production. He is the Founder and Creative Director of Strut Media Group, a marketing consulting and design firm in Vancouver, BC, Canada