About Us

Love on Land (LOL) is a consultancy and contract management company that provides a suite of services to the organic agricultural and farming sector. Head quartered in Kampala Uganda, LOL is located on the equator in the center of the African continent; the most fertile and verdant land on the planet. And yet, like many other the regions in the world, Uganda suffers from mismanagement of land and agricultural resources rooted in systemic, societal and social influences. The result is a rapid decline of soils and the ultimate desertification of the region within 40 years.

By applying sound business practices and the principles of Permaculture Design, Love On Land aims to be an exemplary organization in the application of science-based methodologies required to reverse the cycle of desertification by reclaiming unproductive landscapes and turning them into economically viable and sustainable assets. And, through education, creating extensive employment opportunities in local communities and focusing on locally sourced resources and markets will create sustainable systems and improve social attitudes by creating wealth and prosperity in the region.

During our East African growth phase we will identify other regional locations to develop with proven investment strategies and installations that work in harmony with local governance and attract corporate sponsorship around the globe.